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    Default Hey Everybody!

    I am brand new, to both this forum and to bellydance. I am not taking classes right now, but I was introduced to belly dance through a workout video (I'm trying to lose weight). I am getting the hang of the video, but am dying to learn some actual belly dance moves and choreagraphy. I will be purchasing Jenna's bellydance tape, since it's been so highly recommended on for amateurs.

    Just wondering, is anybody like me (or formerly like me), insecure about their body type and thinking it will make them look stupid as a belly dance? Hopefully I will get over this, because I really want to be as good as possible. Hope to learn a lot here !

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    to the forum. Yes you can learn a lot here and pick up some good tips along the way as well.

    As for your question about feeling insecure about your body, I was overweight when I started and it took me a lot of 'courage' to step outside of my comfort zone. I was also 55 at the time, so that was an added insecurity. But I fell in love with the dance from the first class and am still dancing and am very addicted 7 yrs later. The bonus besides the sheer joy of dancing is that, I am happier, healthier and have lost a few of those excess kilos. I didn't start BD for weight loss, more because I had been attracted to the dance many years before (20 in fact) & I had a great love of the history and culture of the Middle East especially Egypt. At the time when BD came to my notice it was very young in Australia and teachers were very few & far between, then I moved overseas for many years where things like bellydance were unheard of. But on my return to Aussie saw an advertisement about classes and decided to give it a try.

    You will not look stupid bellydancing, go to classes with your heart and soul open and you will feel the joy, you will overcome any insecurities, I am sure and you get to meet some wonderful people, some who will have had various insecurities at some point and will help you on your dance journey.
    Dance is like glitter, it not only colours your life, it makes you sparkle, you find it everywhere and in everything and it's near impossible to get rid of. (unknown)

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    One of the beautiful things about dance (not just bellly dance but all dance, IMO) is that it allows you to be "you," regardless of body type and/or experience level. Just doit! Let you show through in your movements and be lost in it. Put away fear and shun embarrassment. When you do you'll wear a whole new smile on your face. And, by the way, welcome!

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