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    Default Ahlan Wa Sahlan Everyone!

    Ahlan Wa Sahlan everyone!
    My name is Zinka, Zeenah being the greek version of my artistic name Zeina which was already taken
    I come from Croatia, I'm 22 years old and have been dancing for over two years now (first year practicing at home with dvd's, then a year in a belly dance class), and this fall I'm joining a new dance class where I will learn first egyptian style, then turkish and many fusions I hope. My new teacher is very strict on the purity of the styles as much as possible, she is attending many schools and classes in Egypt, Turkey and other countries that have something to offer.
    I love bellydance more than anything, it's the only art form I can really relate to, but I also sing, paint and write.
    Hope to have nice time here with you guys! :*

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    Hi Zeenah I am sure you will find many things of interest to you here.
    Dance is like glitter, it not only colours your life, it makes you sparkle, you find it everywhere and in everything and it's near impossible to get rid of. (unknown)

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    Welcome to the forum!! Feel free to jump right in, the ladies here are wonderful and discussion is open.
    1. Beginning dancer. Knows nothing.
    2. Intermediate dancer. Knows everything. Too good to dance with beginners.
    3. Hotshot dancer. Too good to dance with anyone.
    4. Advanced dancer. Dances everything. Especially with beginners
    ~ Attributed to Dick Crum, a folk dance teacher ~

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    Welcome! It sounds like you have a fantastic teacher too.


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