My only concern with the "dance like Shakira" tag is a lot of people have, Shakira started learning belly dance at a very young age and two, Shakira fuses belly dance with a lot of Latin unless they're going to magically cram years and years of lessons into your brain in a few weeks, in both belly dance and latin're going to be disappointed if you believe you can take one course and dance just like Shakira.

But the same applies to anyone else who is highly skilled at dance or any other art form or practice. I'd be equally cautious if it said "Dance like Sadie," and as a cannot make you "write like John Grisham" in one introductory writing course. (I can't write like John Grisham my dreams, maybe)

The important thing here is to take things like that as a tag. If you understand that what it really means is "learn one of Shakira's dance forms from the beginning" it's fine.

I'm a huge fan, and I got into belly dance because of Shakira...but I knew that I'd have to "rewind"...a lot and be realistic and reasonable.