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    thank you all

    the problem i have its more that i do the bellyflutter to slowely and not so fast and when get it faster...i lose it Bud i understand i have to practise more..


    wow the upper and lower in the same time alone Wow...yes i want to learn that. Bud first i must to start with connecting en controle myn bellymuscles.

    thank youn all
    any advice is still welcome

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    You're welcome!

    About the 'fat' on one's belly, Moon, Princess and Gabi are absolutely right. It's all about muscle control. And no matter how your belly looks, it's good.
    I'm one of the girls with a slightly fuller figure (belly, hips ) but I learned to love it because of Oriental dancing. Some moves might look wonderful on a thinner person, but I know of experience that some moves also look dashing with a fuller figure . This is what makes Oriental dance so wonderful. It looks different on everybody, but it's beautiful nevertheless.

    And after a while and more practise, the muscles will become visible anyway .
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