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    Wink Hello! here the medieval bellydancer from Mexico =)

    Hello everyone!
    I am a bellydancer from Mexico: Asena.
    I am also one of the first dancers who mixed medieval music with bellydancing moves here in my country:Mexico, since 2006, and noe there are other girls who perform this style, instead I have the copyright here in Mexico.
    Also, I enjoy turkish culture, turkish music, and turkish style. I studied some turkish here in Mexico, I just know basics but maybe I can help with lyrics or other turkish stuff.
    I hope to find good friends in this amazing site!!
    Greetings! - Saludos!

    This are some videos about me:

    Medieval music with saidi
    YouTube - ASENA MEDIEVAL BELLYDANCER "Saidi Fusion" (Full Performance)

    Medieval Bellydance with isis wings
    YouTube - ASENA MEDIEVAL BELLYDANCER "Suam Elle Ires with isis wings" (Full Performance)
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    to the forum Asena, I haven't watched your videos yet but will do so, sounds rather interesting medieval music w/ BD. Would you mind moving the youtube links to the youtube forum though, as I think they are better there. you can copy and paste the forum page link into your intro post so people can see the videos
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    Hi, Asena, welcome to the forum! I enjoy performing at Ren Faires, and I'm Mexican-American (although I don't speak Spanish, much to my mother's consternation ). Hope you enjoy the forum, and looking forward to getting to know you better!


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