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    Default Little triumphs.

    Hello BDF =D
    FOr months the triplet shimmy had illuded me and today I have finally been able to do it, not perfectly or very fast but I can still do it! I am really pleased, though it is only a small triumph it still feels wonderful. So it got me wondering, has any of you felt this way and had these little triumphs along the road to learning to belly dance which made you feel so proud of your abilities no matter how small they seem now =]

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    And good job on learning a new move you've been working on!

    I feel the same way when I learn something new...I know that I am doing it at a beginner's level, and that it needs to be smoother, faster, etc...but just knowing I can DO something feels so good.

    I especially love it when I watch a performance or a video and realize I can do most or all of those moves...even though I can't do them as well as the dancer I'm feels good to know I can do that.

    I watched Shakira's "Loca" video when it came out...and she does a hip crescent, pelvic lift, and Maya hips...and I was so proud of myself...I can do all three of those.


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