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    You are most definitely not alone Aniseteph! My teacher recently organized a student performance night (which was a lot of fun!) and almost everyone I spoke to a few days afterwards all said that they were totally flat and exhausted the following day. A couple said they got migraines and headaches. I think 'feeling like they had been hit by a bus' was the most common comment I think its not just the post adrenaline rush of the night that slams you, its also the sudden release of all the tension and stress that tends to build up in the week or two before a performance with rehearsals, wanting to do well and perhaps worrying that you will forget what you are supposed to do etc

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    Default mixed emotions

    Hi Aniseteph, I get the blues too! Well actually have them currently. I danced a solo restaurant show yesterday and worked soooooo hard to prepare, and have absolutely no idea if i did a good job or not - thinking closer to not... Perhaps, what's missing is the afirmation and comradery you receive after dancing with your bellydance girlfriends. ACTUALLY, I think that is exactly it for me. I'm feeling better already - wow.

    I think what i need to remember that what is fun for me about bellydancing is sharing the love and passion of it with others!!! That and constant afirmation (ha ha).

    Happy Dancing and Postive Thinking (more a reminder for myself!)

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