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    How funny! Surprised me how hostile the people who posted comments were. Appears that several folks were standing outside smoking when sense of humor was passed out.

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    I have a 24 Hr. Fitness membership, and am there quite a bit. However, there are always people around and I'd feel strange to practice in the fitness/class room when it's not in use. Just my own hang-up - it's certainly an acceptable option, however.

    I have 2 inexpensive (i.e., Walmart) door mirrors that I tuck between the wall and my washing machine when not in use, but I set them up on either side of our television when I do use them. Although our house is small (and about 95% of the time I have at least one of my 3 children w/me, if not all 3), the largest room is our living room where our tv sits. I found it's a convenient way to check myself when practicing to a dvd w/the mirrors right next to the I don't have to look far at all to compare myself w/the instructor on the screen.

    Quote Originally Posted by gisela View Post

    I love how the commenters think that this person must be the ONLY one on the planet to do bellydance arms while biking. They obviously have no idea how common that is among bellydancers I am sure they think noone is shimmying in the supermarket either
    I ALWAYS walk via 3/4 Down Shimmy from the bakery to the deli counter. Takes a bit longer to get there, but it's a great workout and for some strange reason, I always get the best service from the deli guy!
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