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    Smile Helo from the Sleeping Belly Dancer!

    I just joined here, i am a 27 year old Man from england who loves music and spirituality, i love to play guitar and sing, have often been a kind of shy person altho used to be very confidant when younger and used to dance to funky music! 3 years ago i met my soulmate and things changed in my life i began to have visions and many spiritual phenominum.

    Id like to get to asking a question right away here, i have interesting dreams but in the last year i have been waking up iether in the night or morniing belly dancing! only the hands are realy moving as i am laying in bed at the time, i feel the energy of a snake the Kundalini energy i think they call it. The thing is here i have NEVER belly danced in this life or even tried! i just wake up doing it for the first few seconds and then when i become aware of what i am doing i loose the flow and stop.
    but i realy could feel it like i could get lost in the energy, i was even thinking perhaps i was a bellydancer in a past life!. and when i woke this morning i had the word "Serbia" come to me.

    I wonder what anyone thinks of this and has anyone experianced the same thing ?
    Thankyou Riki
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    Hi, I am not sure that this forum will be of much help in your search for spirituality. Kundalini hasn't anything to do with Bellydance, nor has Serbia unless someone from Serbia is a bellydancer and Bellydance originates from the Middle East. Some traditional Indian dances use the hands in their dances. I suggest you go to youtube, look at bellydance and also Indian dance and see which one appeals.
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    Hello and welcome! Just like Mosaic, I was thinking Indian dance. To my knowledge that is more about the hands that bellydance, which is more about the torso.

    Did you watch the semifinals for Eurovisoon Song contest? Perhaps that's where Serbia came into your mind ?

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    Hi, Rixsta, welcome to the forum. I've woke myself up either shimmying or undulating, so I guess it's true, when ya gotta dance, ya gotta dance!

    I'm also in agreement with Mosaic and gisela. Dancers from India, Thailand, and other far Eastern Asian countries focus a lot of movement in the hands. Since Egypt is primarily a North African country (only the Sinai Peninsula lies in Asia), their dances are more torso-based. Here are a couple of quick examples:

    I chose this next video because it's an example of bellydance in it's native setting:



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