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    Quote Originally Posted by RubyCairo View Post
    The verdict (for Me) is this!
    I think no matter how well you know and think you can trust people it is best to have provisions in place . If i go ahead , i will use legal aid (on-line)to help me set up a very detailed 'Proposal Of Agreement' glorified disclaimer outlining the need for understanding and highlighting the fact that participants participate at their own risk ,and that there will be NO comeback whatsoever to me. In addition i will add...
    Although i will endeavor to take all reasonable steps to provide safety and employ safe practice to the best of my knowledge and abilities etc etc ...
    Even if you do start teaching at your local centre, go ahead with your Proposal of Agreement to have it as an addendum to your contract with the centre. Or you can inform the students during the first class that they are themselves responsible, but that you'll do whatever you can to guide them properly.
    Thankfully, I don't live in a country where suing for whatever reason is usual, but better safe than sorry...
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    In some places letting students sign a 'Proposal Of Agreement' disclaimer is illegal. I was told (by a lawyer, but might not be true!) this was the case in the state Queensland (Australia).

    How is this is other parts of Australia?

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    Default Proposal

    Re Proposal..

    The Proposal can be drawn up on-line ,info readily available ,the form becomes 'Your Own ' agreement considered to be advisable ,really is jumped up disclaimer all said and done ,is a legal document, how much protection it affords is debatable , would not really take the place of insurance policy as at least that would give you some money to argue with in court! ---All worst case scenario!
    Bit like copyright ,now seen as advisable (Arts Council) something that the original artist can take out free of charge, will afford some protection of work ,but cant really stop anyone from making changes to try to steal work for themselves!

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