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    Quote Originally Posted by Habibi L'amour View Post
    LOL glamourous ironing! I thought these books, also in the Weird section (just scroll down), sounded funny too:
    Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals
    Squids Will Be Squids
    The Practical Pyromaniac
    Bodybuilders In Tutus
    Electricity In Gynecology
    Whose Bottom Is This?
    So You Want To Be A Shaman
    The Radiation Recipe Book
    Anybody Can Be Cool...But Awesome Takes Practice
    Liberace: Your Personal Fashion Consultant
    I was thinking of the same thing - quite some reading list here

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    Default Laundry has lost it's glamour?

    What? Laundry will never lose it's glamour, I adore laundry, the more used the better. I find a nice roll and nap in laundry to be the high point of my day. (typed but not read) Deke the Emperor of the Universe, Overlord of Cuteness and All Around Lump of Cat Perfection. (typed by my opposeable thumbed minion Creaks)

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    I also do not iron. I wash my clothes in cold, air dry them indoors (too much dust outside most days), then hang them in the closet. It keeps them looking brand new. If something gets inadvertantly wrinkled..I hang it in the bathroom while Im in the shower. If I accidently bought something that absolutely would not smooth out when it air dried...I also would be taking it to the thrift store. Though I have heard of the ladies in days past ironing absolutely everything, including undergarmets.

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