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    Default Polynesian/Tahitian Dance?!

    This may have been discussed already, but I couldn't find it.
    There are some obvious similarities in Polynesian dance and belly dance, and of course major differences as well. I would love to have the opportunity to learn some 'Hula" dance, but there isn't anything in my state!
    Has anyone tried DVD's to learn this? Or can anyone give any info about it in relation to belly dance moves, technique, etc.?

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    It has similar moves but the motivating muscles and basic stance is completely different. I wouldn't suggest trying to learn from a DVD without taking a basics class first. Just like BD it's best to learn to begin with from someone who knows what they're doing.

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    I would agree Ariadne. It's better to learn the basics from some one who can give you feedback and so avoid initial bad habits, or ill advised posture. Then you can use DVDs / YouTube to build on it.
    But thats okay, only if you do have a local teacher to start with. Really, if you are learning by yourself, you need someone who you needn't be directly learning from, but from whom you can seek advice and knowledge - like a mentor dancer. Much like many people on this site. !

    I tried a couple of lessons in Polynesian dance (- with doubtful success for me!) As far as I recall the stance is shoulders back and bum out - curving your back - with knees bent and feet in an open v-shape. This gives maximum sway to the hips (very similar to many African dances) and counters the strain on the back being curved (apparently).
    The stance feels very "wrong" after being used to the "keep your pelvis level" school of thought. But I didn't get any aches, even after a two-hour workshop. Its also a wider stance than I've been told is decorous for an Arabian dancer to take!
    The hands are very expressive, and illustrate all manner of objects - trees, waves, fish, turtles, the sun, rainbow. rain, etc., and the point of the dance is to tell a story or illustrate the words of the song playing. That's similar to what bellydance is about.

    Thats the women. The men, I was told, is the same stance, but leap around alot and have a continuous hip tilting motion.

    I hope none of that contradicts what you already know to be right. If I'm wrong, let me know so I don't advise anyone else wrongly on the same subject
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