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Thread: Self-confidence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yame View Post
    Well, congratulations! If she feels like you know what you are doing then you should definitely be at the front of the class.

    Perhaps your issue isn't so much a lack of confidence but just being more of an introvert. I have confidence (well, not always, but I would say most of the time), but I still have a hard time projecting outward because I am introverted.

    It just takes practice. Make a playlist with some really intense music, play it loud, and try to dance it giving your all. When you practice at home, practice really putting a lot of energy into your dance. When you dance in public, you will most definitely not be able to put out nearly as much energy as you do dancing in private, so you need to raise the bar when you practice so that it's higher when you perform.
    Thank you! And you're right, I'm a complete introvert (INFP, to be exact). I find it difficult even speaking up. Thanks for your suggestion - I've started doing that when practicing at home.

    In fact, thanks again to all the ladies - I've noted down your various tips, suggestions and comments in my little dance journal. Should have started one of these long ago!

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    I'm not such a confident person but what helped me was taking an extra class a week.
    This is a class where they are on a lower level, so the teacher often askes me to dance in front of the group to show how the moves are done.
    This helped me make me more confident about my dancing also during my normal classes.

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