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    Default BBC Discovery Documentary: The Lost Cities Of Egypt

    I have just watched a documentary about satellite imaging & how it has pinpointed cities, pyramids, temples etc buried under Egypt's sands.

    Excavation started in Saqqara for buried pyramids in late 2010, but the political unrest put a stop to it for a while. They did begin to find walls and what they believe is part of a large pyramid complex.

    Another area is Tanis which has been under excavation for over 30 years, but the imagery pinpointed what looked like a very large buried complex/city & trenches were dug in the area and they began to find the city.

    If you haven't see the doco and you get a chance to do so, it is an exciting 'must watch'

    You can read a little about it here:
    How NASA satellites unearthed Egypt’s lost pyramids | SmartPlanet

    Seventeen lost pyramids among thousands of buried Egyptian settlements pinpointed by infrared satellite images | Mail Online

    And here is a couple of Youtube Videos

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    Incredible. I went all goose-bumpily when the city image was revealed. Technology seems to get more and more Star-Treky every week. But the imaging came from spy satellites, and that’s a bit scary.


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