Hi Everyone!

My friend, mentor and teacher, Sara Farouk is coming to teach a Teach Egyptian Dance Course at the Jewel of Yorkshire this year on 21/22 April!

The class was successful and very popular last year and I found that I learned so much and it really inspired me to start (and how to start) teaching. It was really useful, fun and REAL. Sara is a true force of nature, an amazing teacher, has loads of experience of Egyptian music and culture from her many years living in Cairo, has an extensive background in theatre and acting and will really help you blossom on your path. Whether you've taught for donkeys years or only have had an inkling that you might want to teach 'someday' or if you just want to have a greater understanding of Egyptian dance, you'll get tons out of this. I highly recommend!

Don't miss this opportunity as it may not come around again.

xxxxx Holly aka Oona