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Thread: Why teach?

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    Farasha, that is the best attitude to have toward teaching. And I will tell you something else for free - you are NEVER done learning so if you do decide to teach, don't let that hold you back.

    Know your basics*, know your teachercraft and let your teaching grow from there.

    What I would recommend is if you have the opportunity to study to teach bellydance or can get your hands on a fantastic teacher or two as a mentor DO IT! I took both approaches to teaching and found that it really helps - particularly the mentoring part. I still ask my mentor questions about teaching and promotion!

    Do this years before you intend to teach and you will find that by the time you teach it is a lot smoother than you though it would be.

    For the love of the deities, if it's killing you keeping the knowledge inside, FIND A WAY TO SHARE IT!

    [*]*By know your basics, I mean really KNOW your basics. You want to be a very strong intermediate before you start teaching, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare for it by seeking a mentor and looking into & taking teacher training courses.
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    At this point I'd teach to learn bellydance. But at this point I don't really know enough to teach a beginner. I have a friend who is also a beginner and sometimes we teach each other as we've taken different classes and have different dance background. I recommend this to those who learn by teaching. Teaching forcec you to think about things differently, to analize them and to find words for things. It forcec you to go through all the implicite knowledge you have and make it explicite. It forcec you to step beyond what you already know and think for yourself and come up with answers you didn't know you had (and then to verify these from a reliable source).

    My career choice is to become a teacher too (language). This I chose because of my love to language and to any kind of learning. I want to share my knowledge and I want to be a part of the learning process and to see progress in students.

    I think it is time to move on from learning or to find a new subject when you feel that explaining the same thing again (even if it's for new students) is a waste of your time or that you bore yourself to death when explaning the basics. I hope I never let this happen to myself. I believe a teacher has to retain a fresh relationship to his or her subject by always looking for new ways of doing things and looking at things. At best the students provide this input of new thinking and challenge the teacher.

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