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    A lot of great ideas have been given already, but I would like to elaborate a bit on the "social time" that Shira suggested. In addition to a social event, I would create a place throughout the event where people can hang out, talk to each other etc. In many events it is the vending/bazaar area where people can also buy food or drinks and spend their free time between workshops. I think one of the great values of attending events is to get to know and chat to other dancers.

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    Wow, guys, it's amazing how many of you are helping me along! This is amazing. Here is the current list of 'wants' boiled down:

    Professional evening show with LIVE music
    Festival ‘participant’ showcase

    A "lecture room" featuring lectures by leading dance researchers. Keep it small.

    Cocktail Party
    Vending Area where food and drink may also be purchased

    Beginner and Advanced workshops occurring simultaneously
    Specialized Workshops on specialized areas of dance such as stagecraft, choreo-writing skills, specific folkloric genres, costume design & alteration, etc.
    Also, some workshop topics teaching dancers how to hear, relate, understand music...

    Now that I have the basic wants from the belly dance community...I'm going to break it down into parts (shows, workshops, etc). Should I create a separate thread for each part or keep it on this one? Thanks so much!!!

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