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    Quote Originally Posted by gisela View Post
    And what other suggestions do you have for a situation where you need the veil after about 1.30 minutes on stage? I would rather not have it placed on stage and pick it up.
    Other ways of draping?
    What immediately comes to mind is:
    - Bring both arms up to give the veil lift and then walk into it. Bring your hands to the back and release the veil. This should leave it gathered at your neck with the ends trailing behind you.
    - Tuck the spots where you hold the veil into your belt at the hips. It should drape in the back framing your behind.
    - If you are inside the veil tuck it in on one side at the hip and it will drape and frame the other hip.
    - If you are inside the veil raise the arm that is not holding veil. This will make the veil fall and settle on your shoulder. Tuck the other end in at your hip. It will fall diagonally across your torso like a pageant sash.

    I'm not a veil expert, so you probably already know about these. I thought I'd throw them out there anyway.

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    Thanks Yshka and Andrea. I'll have a look at your posts and try the things out on Monday.
    Superbusy dance weekend

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