As a mum also living in a country area, I can totally understand your situation. It may be worth asking around and being really sure there are no classes closer than 4 hours away, sometimes they are poorly advertised and are only small - its surprising where you can find experienced belly dancers, but I get the babysitting issue too. As your kids grow you may have more options, my youngest loves to belly dance and comes to class with me.
I agree with the suggestions above, this forum is great for info as is shira's extensive site.
I am a dvd fanatic, there are so many great titles these days. Most have promo video clips to let you get an idea if the dvd is what you are interested in. Sign up to labels newsletters to take advantage of the sales eg Cheeky girls (label) just had a 40% off sale.
The whole online lesson area is burgeoning and there are more and more programs available. Powhow is interesting because you can get real time teaching just like you were in class (that's the platform ansuya uses but there are other dancers on there too if her style is not what you are after).
Buy yourself at least one coin belt so that you feel like a real dancer (plus little kids are fascinated by them) - even buy yourself a simple costume to practice in if you have the money. Its much easier to feel feminine in costume than it is standing in front of the tv in shorts, t-shirt, and running shoes. (Also install a mirror near your tv - you are essentially your own teacher so you need to watch what you are doing)

Hey thanks for mentioning my blog Mosaic! I try to write on all topics but have a strong bend towards helping dancers that are in rural, remote and country areas. I welcome guest bloggers if anyone is interested!