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    Smile Where have you been all my life?

    Hello all!

    I just joined the forum about a week ago and can't stop reading some of the threads. Not sure why I did not do this earlier!

    I am originally from the US but really began consistent belly dance study since moving the the UK in 2005. I both dance and teach primarily fusion classes (which I've seen can be a controversial topic here). Of late have really missed focusing what brought me to belly dance in the first attraction to Egyptian styles and American cabaret.

    I have decided that I have a lot of studying to do in belly dance history and rhythms to quench my thirst on my own. I have also rededicated myself to finding a master teacher who can help me continuously progress my dancing, but I am happy I've found a place where I can get some of my (hopefully not too stupid) questions answered too.

    I look forward to chatting with you all.


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    to the forum, glad you have found us I am sure whatever questions you have someone will have an answer, & it is very likely you also have answers for some questions that pop up here.
    Dance is like glitter, it not only colours your life, it makes you sparkle, you find it everywhere and in everything and it's near impossible to get rid of. (unknown)

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    Welcome to the forum!!
    1. Beginning dancer. Knows nothing.
    2. Intermediate dancer. Knows everything. Too good to dance with beginners.
    3. Hotshot dancer. Too good to dance with anyone.
    4. Advanced dancer. Dances everything. Especially with beginners
    ~ Attributed to Dick Crum, a folk dance teacher ~

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    Welcome... You soon won't understand how you managed to live without the forum at all


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