I'm a film major, not a professional dancer, but I consider myself a pretty serious student nonetheless (4-5 dance classes a week). And I can tell you I've noticed a huge decline in any type of non-ballroom dance classes for adults, not just bellydance.

I can remember a few years ago our city art council offered egyptian style, as well as some ballet and pointe work classes. Unfortunately, the lady who taught there couldn't fill the class anymore and has since moved back to the middle east. One of the studios where I dance currently had to cancel their second adult beginner ballet class due to lack of interest, and of the advanced class, only three of us remain. The one "belly dance" class I could find less than 2-hours from me turned out to just be zumba with some shimmies thrown in.

My interest is in tribal, but I'd be ecstatic just to find ANY serious bellydance instruction out here. I already have to make a monthly pilgrimage to Chicago to find burlesque workshops, I can't afford to travel any more than that.