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Thread: Hey! wassup :)

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    Default Hey! wassup :)

    hi everyone, im new here but ive been belly dancing since i was 14, im 20 now and manage to have made a name for myself, but i'll admit, theirs alot to the coulture i do not know and because i love dancing im willing to learn. my stage name is Ramesses Slade, since i learn eygptian style i thought it will make sense, im current a GoGo dancer, where i perform the belly dance i know, but i dont perform to middle estern music, i perform to Rock, techno, Dubstep and a few other types in that taste, i do my shows at Raves and Cybertron, both are underground partys, i guess to me what ive been doing is a whole new style of belly dancing, since my music is different, plus i mix it with Vouge, and liquid hand movements, (use lioght-gloves at raves for that)
    im open to your thoughts on that

    -Ramesses Slade

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    Welcome to the forum Ramesses!
    immer glimmer

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    Welcome to the forum Your dance style sounds like fusion. Do you or did you originally take bellydance lessons?
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