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    Default How to Make your own Magic Skirt ?

    How to make your own Reversibale Wrap skirt ?
    How to Make your own Magic Skirt ?

    Magic skirt is actually Reversible Wrap skirt.

    Making your own Reversible Wrap skirt is lot of fun.

    First of all you need to get Rough fabric of 1 yard.

    Divide your maximum hips with 3

    Next fold the paper from middle F-I and check them you done

    Now stitch 3 Gores together on each fabric

    Follow Diagrams How to enjoy Magic skirt in more then 100 different styles

    Share about us to your friends.

    Which can worn in more then 100 styles.

    That is why its got many names like.

    Wonder skirt, magic skirt, wrap skirt, Reversible Wrap skirt.

    Measure your waist/hips (Where you wear skirts)

    Measure maximum Hips

    Measure Waist/hips to Ankle for length of skirt as per your choice.

    Before making your wrap skirt you need to make one Gore with rough fabric.

    You can make 3 gore skirt or 5 gore skirt. its up to your choice . Here we calculate 3 gore skirt. if you going to make 5 gore skirt pls adjust your measurement .

    Divide your waist measurement with 3

    Example 36" waist/3 = 12 +1"Stitch = 13"

    So A-B is = 13"

    Example 45" hips/3 = 15+1"stitch = 16"

    < So C-D is = 16"

    Now Mark AB as per diagram on rough paper.

    1/3 +1" of around waist/hips

    Measure waist/hips(where you wear skirt) to Maximum hip length

    Approximate 9-11" as per your choice.

    Mark A-C = 9-11" or waist/hips to maximum hip length

    Mark C-D = 1/3+1" of Around Maximum Hips

    E-G = Hem line

    F-I =Mark Length of skirt

    You will find E and G point itself if you mark the line from A to C and go as per length. Mark E one left side and G on right side.

    right measurements and equal on both sides.

    Now this is your pattern of Gore. You are ready to cut your original Magic skirt.

    Spread your fabric on floor.

    Cut Three gores As per figure-2.

    on Fabric 1

    Spread your fabric -2 on floor

    Cut three gores as above figure -2

    Now you have two wrap skirts with different fabric.

    Important step.

    Keep right side in front of fabric 1

    Keep right side on back of fabric 2

    Means In-stitch will go insides.

    Add Long waist strip approximate 2.5 times then your waist size. How to wear Magic Skirt.

    1. If you just want to wear regular two layer wrap skirt. You can wear either side.

    2. If you plan to wear in 100 different styles you need to reverse the skirt. with falling second layer of skirt out Wrap only one layer wrap skirt. Second layer of skirt you can wrap as choli in different styles.

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    How to make your own Reversibale Wrap skirt ?

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    Default How to make mermaid skirt with Used Sari ?

    How to make mermaid skirt with Used Sari ?

    How to make mermaid skirt with Used Sari ?
    If you have any Used sari and want to make your own Skirt.
    I suggest you will love to make Mermaid skirt made out of Sari fabric.
    Its not really hard to make the skirt, You only need some calculation.
    I am trying to describe you how you can make your own mermaid skirt.
    Step 1 = Spread Sari after taking out Pallu
    ( You can use pallu to make blouse)
    Mark A-B width of Sari
    Mark A C Length of skirt you need.
    Cut A -B line as per your length of skirt
    Bottom of Sari with Border will go hem of your skirt
    Step 2
    Write down this on paper
    Measure around waist = X (Example your around waist is 40")
    X = waist + 2-3 loosing + 1-2" for side stitch
    Step 3
    Measure around hips = Y + 2-3" loosing and 1-2" side stitch
    Y = Hips + 2-3 loosing + 1+2 for side inches

    Step 4
    Measure Length A-E
    from waist or low hips you wear skirt to your maximum hips.
    Example 10-12"
    Step 5
    Now its time for calculation:
    If your sari is 5 " so its 5 x 39" = Total 195"
    You need to change 195" width into your waist size X
    Step 6.
    If your X is 45"
    You have 150" extra fabric on waist line
    You need to short width into equal pleats
    Step 7.
    I suggest each pleats should be 4" only.
    So we call P = 4" Pleats
    so you will need 150/4 = 37.5 Pleads
    Lets go with 37 pleads only
    Step 8.
    Now you calculate T
    T = Waist / No of Pleats
    Example 45 / 37 pleats
    Step 9.
    Now you mark with pencil inside of fabric
    E-F Line just where around hips
    Step 10
    You need to carefully draft pleads
    T= 1.1" approximate
    So after 1.1" Mark 4"
    Continue following mark 1.1 > 4" > 1.1> 4" till your fabric
    Step 12
    Mark Pleads like \/ on each 4" Mark
    check diagram

    Now you stitch your pleats G-H from inside of sari fabric.

    Your Skirt layout is ready
    Recheck the waist size and hips size. if its extra you can put in the side stitch Now stitch sides. wear it once and try if you need to make some alteration on side stitch if its perfect. you can add your waist band. Add elastic on waist band and enjoy your first self-made mermaid skirt.
    Share with your friends so every one can enjoy it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    How to make mermaid skirt with Used Sari ?

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