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    Default Can someone breakdown these moves for me?

    There are a couple of moves that my friends have been trying to show me, I don't know the names exactly, and I'm no good at describing them, but I have found them in some didem videos. Can someone put a name to them, and break them down for me?

    YouTube - Didem 2 at 1.48 4.07

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    Hi! The first one is a reverse body wave or reverse undulation.
    I teach this by getting students in a proper stance (knees under shoulders, slightly bent). Then contract the middle abdominals (which brings the pelvis forward). You roll the body 'up' by 'stacking' one vertabra on top of another, rolling your back up until you are standing upright again! It's important to engage the abs in doing this so you won't be doing this movement from the spine, which can hurt. This is one of those movements BEST shown to you in person by a good instructor!
    The 2nd is just another version of the reverse body wave but she's contracting her abs sharply and doing a chest lift before tossing her head...all for the sake of drama...


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