Thanks for your comments. I have more food for thought. I never considered asking to teach as someone other than "Aziyade." Hmm. Thanks!

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2) The adult bookstore thing. I would definitely have second, third and fourth thoughts, but I think I would do it, for a few reasons. First, because my husband used to work in an adult bookstore, and it would be insensitive and wrong to act like I think I'm better than him. Second, because it's an opportunity to educate -- "The tradition that we call belly dance originates from a wide variety of social and ritual dances in the middle east. Some have theorized that some of the movements are based on rituals of marriage and fertility, intended to allude to the acts of lovemaking and childbirth. While there is no way of knowing which theory is correct, the idea of bellydancing as a sensual rite has been persistant in Western culture..." etc. Third, because it's a chance to help people feel good about their bodies and their relationships. How cool is it for a couple to want to bellydance together? Pretty cool. And fourth, because it sounds like it was advertised honestly. I would ask for my professional name not to be used in the advertisements, but I think I would do it.