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    Default Hello from northern Canada


    I am from northern Canada and started bellydance about 3 years ago. I have always loved to dance it just took me a long time to find what type would inspire me most. I started to dance at the age of 6 in Ballet, I then tried Jazz and Hip hop and even tried some pole fitness out of curiosity. Anyways about three years ago I watched a Tribal fusion performance that had me amazed and signed up for a class that week.

    I am currently a student in Egyptian and Cabaret styles and am interested in Tribal and Tribal Fusion. I would love to take classes in the Tribal and fusion formats but due to my location there are no regular classes available, but the odd workshop that comes up here and I happily attend.

    I also have done a few workshops with the Pros and have done one with Aradia as well as Hadia. I love to watch others perform and get inspired with each performance no matter the style.

    I thought I should join as I have been lurking on the site for about the last 6 months and thought that you ladies have a wealth of knowledge and seem to be a great support to the BD community. Thank you and I'm happy to have joined.

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    Hi Sazy. I'm in rural Australia, so I know what you're going through with the want to do classes but none to be found near you. (in fact, I AM the local teacher!) I've got 10 years exp with oriental (egyptian style) and I'm learning tribal from DVDs. I have a few contacts for skype-based privates if you want to pm me for them - you'd be amazed at who you can learn from! This, and travelling to the occassional workshop is how I get in whatever teacher time I can whilst I'm learning. Helps me stay on track.

    I'd love to share stories and hopefully be a study buddy for you.
    Bellydance in Kyabram!
    Skype classes a specialty.
    Email for more information.

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    Welcome to the forum Sazy glad you decided to join us
    Dance is like glitter, it not only colours your life, it makes you sparkle, you find it everywhere and in everything and it's near impossible to get rid of. (unknown)

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    Welcome! I was a very long time lurker, just now really coming out of the woodwork. I too appreciate all the various discussions that have been had on here and have seen it as a great resource!


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