When using dvds, the pause button is your friend. As is the button that starts a section over. You have to realize that the makers of the dvd are trying to give value for your money so that people are not disappointed in their purchase. Just because the dvd moves on at a certain pace does NOT mean that you do! Take it as you learn it. Use those buttons on the remote. Keep courage. Keep faith. Keep practicing. Even if you never get to where you can keep up with a class, keep studying and learning. Belly dance can be done solo or with groups. If you can't do groups, you are a solo dancer. Study at your own pace. The offers of the teachers here are excellent. Use those offers to your advantage. When you dance alone, the focus is solely on you, so you need to have confidence and skill. Perhaps you may learn to keep up with a class, perhaps you won't. I would advise to take classes anyway. You will learn whether or not you "keep up". If you love the dance, keep studying.