I went on Aleya’s Bellydance Cabaret Baladi Cairo tour in February 2016. It was a perfect mix of must-see destinations, local food and culture, and bellydance immersion!

Aleya arranged everything - from the comfortable and friendly accommodations, to the outings, private dance classes with Aleya and Dandash, and every night a different bellydance experience – from 5-star hotels to sketchy cabarets and everything in between. I loved every minute of it.
Having a local professional bellydancer show me “her Cairo” makes all the difference. You are not just a tourist – you are a guest. I met famous dancers after their shows, went behind the scenes at gigs and learned a lot about the life of a pro dancer in Cairo. Having a local with you changes everything - I toured neighborhoods I never would have found as a tourist and learned so much about Egyptians and their culture. With Aleya as my guide I got “I’m with the dancer” access to 5-star clubs, she knows the best local restaurants and street vendors, I visited costumiers I would never have found, and I had a guide to help me shop at local markets and Khan El Khalili.
I do not normally do “tours”. I am an independent traveller, but If you really want to “do Cairo” as a bellydancer – this is the way to do it. Aleya is a wonderful woman with a great heart. She knows what a dancer wants to see and do and she makes it happen. She gave me a Cairo experience in one week that I could not have planned for myself in a month. Bravo, Aleya! And thank you so much!

Do the tour!!!!