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Hello there,

i I’m staring to get interested in the styles Of the 1970s, however, i seem to come across an internet, “black hole” of general information on the decade and the style. While there seems to be much more discussion, videos (which is honestly what I’m after) and general information and decade prior and after this decade. I have found it easier to know the names of the dancers of that decade and search that way, but I only know a few dancers names from that decade. I have found a few videos, but I’d like to know if anyone would be kind enough to throw some names (you don’t even have to find a link) from the 1970s from egypt?

thank you

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Cory Zamora - her website seems to be down...

It's under renovation.

Also, from the 70s, there's Nesra Topkapi (my all time favorite), Dahlena, Aziz, Aida - check out Amaya's Legends of Bellydance video. She spotlights quite a few.


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Yea, we had quite the exchange about it - the splash page is now back up, but apparently not anything else.

As for 70s dancers, how about Nadia Gamal?


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"Nadia Gamal, The Legend" is where you can actually see her dance! But I'm prejudiced - I have that "special connection" with her, even though we never met. I own both of her dance canes!


Look up Habiba she is all Egyptian style. She has a website Habibastudio.com. She has some great dvds out on her site. I actually work with her Quick Start Belly Dance one. She is doing the online classes now too.