2012 Advent Calender signup


Continuing a tradition begun by Walladah several years ago, the Advent calender runs from 1 December through 25 December and is a chance to share a small treat with the membership. Choose a day to participate and on that day post a poem, video, photograph, special greeting, etc. to help us celebrate the mid-winter holidays celebrated by so many diverse cultures. Don't forget Goblin Days are coming up from December 26 through January 6 as well, the time to indulge your mischievious side in posting treats! Sign up for Goblin Days will be in mid-December.

Personal note: this is my 12,000th post. ;)

Available December dates for the Advent Calender:

1 Ariadne

2 Andrea STL

3 Walladah

4 Daimona

5 Aniseteph

6 Amulya

7 Gisela

8 Shimmysafari

9 Mosaic

10 Ariadne

11 Sophia Maria

12 Shanazel (Ding-a-ling Day in the USA; very appropriate for me. Also Poinsetia Day)

13 Daimona

14 Farasha

15 Jeanne

16 Aniseteph

17 Safron

18 Mosaic

19 Alysia

20 Shanazel (Mid-winter Eve)

21 Walladah (mid-winter day) This is alo the last day of the Mayan calender, so post early!

22 Farasha

23 Silverfyre

24 Jeanne

25 Darshiva
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Dec 13 please!

And congratulations on your 12000th post, Shanazel! An incredible number of posts!


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I'll have the 18th - need some time to find something:D

Also congrats on your 12,000th (plus 1):shok:
I bow down before you;):lol:


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When it comes to Christmas in our house, two years running is a tradition. :rolleyes:

This year I am determined to break the one that says I have to be up till the small hours getting things ready on Christmas Eve. I want to start a new one that involves getting the tree done early and then me getting pleasantly sloshed on mulled wine.


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First, thank you girls for looking after the Calender this year!

I could help with the Goblin days sign-up, because i (hopefully) will have finished with what chases me these weeks!!!

At that time, i could share the load!

As for the Advent, I am for the 21st, or the 22nd of December, if another dancer wants the 21st!

Hugs and many congratulations for the 12000th post!


Put me on the 6th, the 5th was taken sadly (I got an idea for that day, but the 6th will do instead)


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Congrats on your 12,000th post Shan!!!

I'll have to wait until next week to sign up as my brain is swamped right now. Any more stuff and I might explode :shok:



Don't be shy! Choose a day and post your favorite holiday poem, recipe, dance costume, video, or whatever else shifts your gears. It isn't hard, it is a lot of fun, and you don't have to wrap anything.


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A lot more people. I can take the 1st as well as the 10th if it looks like you won't be getting enough people.


We're close enough to the start that I'm adding your second date, Ariadne, as well as Gisela's date. If it looks like more people want to participate, we'll gracefully move you out of the first. :D Thanks.


I'll do the 25th if I can tell a story. ;) I did want litha but Shan managed to point out what a pain I was being about it. :p

For more persuasive points, there will be pictures to go with the story.
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