2013/2014 Goblin calendar


Welcome to the Goblin calendar, which goes from Dec 25 to Jan 6, another fine tradition on bellydanceforums.net started by Walladah.

You may ask yourself: What is the goblin calendar? To get the answer, simply see the quote below.

According to Greek traditions, these days are called dodecameron (12-day time) and they are days of feast, tricks, fun, tolerance and jokes and those who want to participate should compose a post within this context.
Why a "Goblin calendar"? The goblins live in the underworld during the entire year, cutting little by little the tree on which the earth is based. At the Christmas Eve the tree trunk stands up on a tiny piece of wood. Just before the moment of the world's destruction the goblins leave the underworld and on Christmas day they walk around on earth, teasing people, stealing food and sweets, messing up the house warehouses, break into homes to eat the food that is prepared etc. When sun rises on January 6th, e.g. when Christ was baptized, the Holy Ghost appears and the goblins rush into the underworld to continue cutting the tree. But the tree has recovered during the holy days and they now have to work hard for the new year to cut it off again, till the next Christmas day. These are the previous goblin calendars: 2012/2013, 2011/2012, 2010/2011.

There are still available dates waiting for your contribution. Share the fun such as a joke, something that went wrong (and blame the goblins), etc etc.
Sign up for a date in the sign-up thread, and when your date is due, make your post below with the current date in the title of the post.


Dec 25

So I am to kick off the goblin calendar this year.
If I got it right, today is both the beginning of the greek Dodokameron and the "Twelve days of christmas". Slightly different traditions, but celebrating the same time of the year.

And I'm pretty sure the goblins were involved making this version of the famous song.

And if you ever wonder what a freshly shaved guinea pig looks like, I'd say something like a sceptical mini-version of a hippopotamus:


The goblins think it's pretty funny to mess up belly dance costumes, but they didn't realise that this bra is very handy for a dancer: she can keep an eye on the time:


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Goblinery is making me secretly hope that someone somewhere has sold a grey hairless guniea pig as a micro hippo.


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December 27th, Goblin Day no 3!

Goblinery is making me secretly hope that someone somewhere has sold a grey hairless guniea pig as a micro hippo.[/QUO

Aniseteph, many frog-like men sell themselves like enchanted princes, so i am sure that selling a Guinea pig for a bonzai hippo can happen, really!

Well, goblins and goblin friends, i have a problem with my connection and i cannot "like" posts or reply to the thread immediately these days, then i can only reply with a quote (Aniseteph, you gave me the perfect pass for a Goblin calendar!]

So, my Goblin treat is a turkish movie, the one from which i had taken those funny spicy songs for the goblin calendar two years ago. I have found the full movie with English subtitles and i promise you it is Goblinmade, with lot of dance (not classical bellydance though) and lot of spice!!! and lots of womanly widsom!

Title: Hurmuz the one with the 7 husbands or, 7 husbands for Hurmuz.

Hurmuz is a rich widow who is married to 6 men but she is going to marry one more, a very handsome doctor. See how she manages to do this in a city full of gossipers [the secret is in the veils].

7 Husbands for Hurmuz - YouTube


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Jan 2nd, 8th day of the Goblin Calendar!

Well, i was not sure what to treat you for this day, then i decided:

There is a movie based on the theatrical play "Lysistrata" by Aristofanis, and there is a bellydance sequence in the movie.

The story is the following: during the civil war between Athens and Sparta, women are done with having their men away at the frontline. THen, women of Athens and Sparta occupy Acropolis in Athens, undertake the public fiscus and declare a sex abstention till men end up the war. Men are desperate and women are also undertaking ANY means to provoke men so that they give up war as soon as possible. Women's protest is successful and the war is over, so that they can enjoy themselves with their husbands.

The movie has great tribal-style costumes and a lot of dancing. Unfortunately, i could not find it with english subtitles.

However, the actual bellydancing takes place at 38' as a trick to get rid of men who want to siege Acropolis. Of course, the trick is more than successful.

?????????? (1972) FULL MOVIE - YouTube

PS/What happened to the previous days treats?


PS/What happened to the previous days treats?

The goblins erased the available dates from the sign-up-thread and made some of those that signed up to forget it? :rolleyes:

You mean at 38 seconds?

38 minutes ( ' are minutes, '' are seconds ).

How to build a goblin

... oh wait..

the goblins made me read that the wrong way.. bah.

Well then, if you feel the goblins are coming to you, make yourself a mini-bow to protect yourself.
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I am so sorry to have let the goblin calender down. I think the goblins have been inhabiting my computer because I simply could NOT get Windows to load. Then- it finally did and I quickly e-mailed myself all the work I spent several solid eight hour days doing for fear it would disappear forever if I couldn't get it somewhere other than my own computer.

I've had more trouble with this computer in the last year than I had with my old dinosaur in thirteen years.

I wanted to post this picture yesterday since January 6th is the tenth anniversary of my mother's death. I think she'd have liked her picture (she was fourteen here) to be part of the celebration.

Joy Collins,grass skirt Anold Circa 1945.jpg