2016 fashions in costuming

If you've been sewing for decades the book won't be a huge revelation. I appreciated it as a reminder not everything has to be extremely detailed and complicated. Cannot recall the last time I created a simplistic project. So this was a breath of fresh air. (And those pants! Divine.)
While in L.A. fashion district, purchased large rectangular stones. Not because they were needed, but because they were freaking awesome. (Yeahhhhh, don't judge me.) Looking for ideas on pinterest, not seeing dance costumes with large rectangular stones. Ideas anyone? :think:


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I am such a ditz: I read "stones" and imagined large moss rock type stones.

In my own defense, I have been married to a geologist for almost 35 years and the experience has obviously warped me.

Note to self: point out to son that he is marrying a geologist and that even though she is currently an ER tech, she will never completely recover from geologist rock. Of course, he is half geologist on his father's side and maybe that will help.
Shanazel, imagining trying to transport an enormous, green, moss covered stone home in a suitcase leaves me gasping with laughter. (Might be a hoot to try.) Definitely discuss with your son that meanings and interpretations are all a matter of perspective.


Haven't measured how large the stones are, perhaps 2 inches. (Each stone is currently backed with paper to protect the coating on the back.) I'll keep looking for ideas.


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What I'm imagining is bending your leg (e.g. for a level change, or a passe type turn, or one of those modern Cairo style jumpy things), the chain hanging down loosely, and then getting a foot caught in it.
I feel bad about it, but I laughed out loud at the idea of a chain-meets-Cairo-style-jumpy-thing disaster. Sorry.

Thanks for the Fifi clip, yeah, she is so awesome that who cares what her skirt is doing back there.

It'd be great if the stripey shirt guy was just an extra getting out of hand. Maybe they didn't dare ask Fifi to do a retake so left him in and hoped no one would notice.