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Ok I've listened to it, and the song is a tad cheesy and about getting drunk and doesn't make a whole lot of sense! - he says phrases in English and French then repeats them in Arabic:

Take it easy ya 3azizi,
(my friend)

yaani rou' bil ingilizi
(that means 'take it easy' in English)

ya 3azizi shou ma 'alo
(my friend, whatever they might say)

kramit il mitlak 3azizi
(your generosity is very appreciated)


Love me and make me happy

7ashi tou3idni w mat labbi
(stop making promises and not fulfilling them)

je t'aime min rou7i w albi
(I love you from my heart and soul)

yaani bhibbak b'il barizi
(and that means 'I love you' in Parisian)



repeat verse 1

minnak ya nbid mkhamar
(From you, wine, I am drunk)

ma bilha2 iss7a ta iskar
(I hardly have time to wake up and get drunk again)

w nawmi 3al sidr il marmar
(and the drunken sleep)

ba3d il sakra shou lazizi
(after the drinking session is so pleasant!)


ya 3aziz

(my friend!)

repeat chorus