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    Default Free style

    I’m trying to get into the habit of regularly drilling at home.
    I start with hip circles and tucks, lifts and drops.
    Then move to the ribcage with lifts and slides.
    Next it’s the head rolls.
    The arms follow, then floor work.

    I put the Shiek Shak Shook album (Inspired from the post about the videos of the same name) on the other night and tried to prance around in about two by three and a half meters without much serious injury caused by my bead.
    I put the track ‘Nova’ on and tried to free style to it. I tell you what. If you don’t practice free style regularly….you tend to loose the spontaneity.

    What do you do for inspiration?

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    Believe it or not, I play Oum Kolssoum classics and I let my self loose to express through dancing. Her songs are so emotional and they take me to the place I want to be as a dancer. Some of her songs make made me cry many times. It is an amazing experience!!!!!

    I also play Hakim, Adaweya, Nancy Ajram shabbi style songs. They are light hearted and I simply enjoy myself when I dance to these no. Sometimes I like to glide, spin, arabesque to let my self loose. For this I play modern contemporary arabic music!!!


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    Me too, I Just got into freestyling with basic moves - we had to do it in class last week and we were all stiff, nervous and mortified! I was determined to go home and get 'comfortable' with it. It's hard because I'm having a hard time identifying and connecting with more traditional bellydance music , and find myself liking much more modern stuff and tribal songs what I identify with. If I hear a song I love I completely become one with the music and can freestyle, but it's hard with music I don't connect with :/


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