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    At the risk of piggybacking on your thread here, I 'm glad to hear about Seattle teachers, I go through there frequently and it has been a recent topic up here in the rainforest. So yay. good to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summerdance View Post
    Thank you A'isha and Tribal Dancer

    I really appreciate the replies to my question. I have been looking to tighten up what i know culturally. I have been around dancers my entire life. I started mimicking my cousins and aunts from a very young age. I have never studied dance( Well BD)I did the usual Ballet etc as a little girl. But I have been wanting to pick up some professional training and see if there's anything I missed by not studying with an instructor. I am trying to stay away from the cabaret, or fantasy stuff that i have seen. I want to do classic, egyptian, Sexy is ok, sexy is great, I just want to avoid some of the tacky, sleazy stuff that's out there.

    I heard some dancer's talking about instructors and was told that Zanbaka was good, as were Mish Mish, and Zaphara(SP) I also heard of Rishi , but I dont know
    I guess I should try a class with Each or what do you guys think?

    Any advise would be helpful

    I chose Eqyptian for some of the reasons you stated. I would like to try tribal someday too. Anyway, I took 15 private lessons and the balance in group classes. For me, one private lesson was worth months of group lessons. My teacher watched me carefully, helping me to learn the fine points of style so that I could practice between private lessons, correcting in the next any misinterpretations my mind/body came up with

    I agree with another member who posted that you should take one lesson and then decide. I'd add, watch all the forms of dance on the web, at a festival, or hafla and think about which one sparks your passion for dance the most. Then I'd invest time and money toward that style of dance.

    It's taken me four years and not an inconsiderable cost in lessons to get comfortable with my current Egyptian dance style. I hope I live long enough to learn all the styles that fascinate me

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