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I try to do a teensy bit everyday but quite bluntly, sometimes I just can't. but on my supreme lazy days I at least do hip circles, undulations and some armplay. maybe some rib circles just to keep the muscle memory/joints from creaking then sometimes I am really good about putting on the music, and practicing whatever for a nice length of time. I also have a bad habit of practicing a move while doing dishes,grocery shopping (uh, no I didn't check to see if anyone was looking......) cooking, etc....

TiaSerena, I like what you said about the little everday ditty you picked up at the workshop you took. I love when I can apply bellydancing stuff to everyday life. It makes practicing more accessible when you can just make it part of your life.
Hey Sparklyraven,

I completely agree. And don't worry... you aren't alone in practicing while you are cooking... I am guilty of that as well! heehee. I also do the shimmies while brushing my teeth.... don't ask me why, but the mood always strikes me. Sometimes like you I just don't have the time or the energy to do a lot, but every little bit helps.