Bellydancer, I like that exercise! that sounds great!
Riodancer, my troupe is the same way. It gets really boring to the point where I don't really dance in troupe numbers anymore. But 1 nice thing about the troupe I am in is that we can go off on our own time and make solos, duets, other small group dances, so I get much of my satisfaction that way. I'm not a fantastic choreographer, but with some help I've been lucky enough to be involved in a few group pieces that were fun to do and we change them a little each show we use them. The troupe stuff stays the same and the choreographer is resistant to any update. So I got to the point a while back where I figured not to dance in any piece that is no longer fun. With the class I taught last year, we had them make up a dance and they really got into it and it was fun and everyone who danced in it came up with something and if it gets done by those gals again, no doubt it will be updated accordingly. I wonder if you could say something with the support of your fellow dance sisters to your troupe director about helping to update a dance, OR you could just take a dance and insurrect it. Just get a few of you together and say "hey we're doing this dance for the upcoming show" and update it yourselves. I have been involved in such capers and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. But its worth a try. Sometimes, If you just present all done and cleaned up, you have a better chance of success. You may not be invited to teach the update to the rest of the troupe, but your director might be likely to let your group perform it. Its worth a try anyways. Or your could just take a new song and a few of you make up something for your dancing pleasure and try to get it in a show.