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    Default Interesting DVDs on Amazon Learn Drum Solo Technique & Choreography with Sadie - Belly Dance Lesson DVD: DVD

    "Technique and Choreography The drum solo is one of the most exciting portions of the belly dance performance - it's when the dancer can really show off her stuff! The drum solo showcases the belly dancer's technique and how creatively she can interpret the music. On this DVD, Sadie teaches a challenging drum solo that is sure to impress! Drum Sounds Sadie demonstrates drum sounds and how they are made." Learn 21 Shimmies and 1001 Variations Belly Dance Instruction: DVD

    "There's a reason LEYLA JOUVANA is known around the world as The Shimmy Queen! of belly dance. No one can Shimmy like Leyla! Now you can learn 21 of The Shimmy Queen's favorite shimmies ~ plus lots of variations ~ from Leyla herself. Leyla completely breaks down the technique used for each shimmy, including the muscles involved and weight changes. She explains the differences between the shimmies, what makes each shimmy special, and how to match each shimmy to the music." Learn Lavish Layers with Ansuya - Belly Dance Lesson DVD: DVD

    "The best belly dancers interpret the nuances and depth of their music by isolating movements and layering shimmies on top of them, and no one can isolate and layer better than Ansuya! In this video, Ansuya teaches you how to layer shimmies, with plenty of detailed break down of belly dance technique and easy-to-follow demonstrations." Learn Hot Combinations with Ansuya - Belly Dance Lesson DVD: DVD

    "Afraid your belly dance choreographies are getting cold or your improvisations are uninspired? Spice up your belly dancing with hot new combinations from Ansuya! The fun belly dance combinations Ansuya teaches in this video include: * Funky Temple * Freezing Cobra * Grapevine Snake * Infinity Sway * Tick-Tock-Ripple-Lock * ... and more! "

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    Wow Zahira Thank you! I as always want more DVDs LOL (No classes for me )


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