2nd PerformanceModern Egyptian Oriental by Michael to Warda's Nar El Gheere


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Sarah Malik's Oriental Dance Eid Party 12/09/2010

YouTube - Oriental Dance by Michael to Nar El Gheere

This my 2nd performance at Sarah Malik's Oriental Dance Eid Party, I was very nervous as the performing area was an odd shape and audience rather close up and personal. Although I made the choreo for an "in the round" scenario I'm used to developing choreographies in spacious gym studios or my garden so felt a tad clostraphobic.

I wasn't happy with arms here, they could've held more muscle tension and some of the arm patterns in some combinations didn't how i made them. On positive I was told my technique was good, I guess for a second performance it was reasonable but i know it could've been more polished if i wasn't wracked with nerves!
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