3/4 shimmy question

I just love the 3/4 shimmy and i was wondering if this is correct, is it basically, a hip thrust or slide to the right,, then a lift and drop of the left, then a thrust or slide to the left and so on...? like put all ur weight on one side then, lift and drop the opposite then switch weight to that side .... of course i cant even begin to do this fast but i want to be sure im executing properly b4 i learn it:confused: , I adore how it looks


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3/4 shimmy is my favorite move! When i was learning this sassy little step, my teacher had an exercise for us to make it easier.

You start on one side, slow, and with the hip you go - "Up, down, out in." and reapeat on the other side. Like an "L". This gets the basic mechanics started.

All you have to do after you get it is speed it up - it looks more like shimmy, shimmy lift, shimmy shimmy lift.

That said, 3/4 is definitely more challenging than many other steps. It took me four months to get it pretty, even, and have my top half relaxed so I could walk with it and look nonchalant and cute. So, don't give up. Once you get it, you'll never forget, and you'll probably throw it in all your choreographies. It's really good for travelling between tables at a restaurant, or as an impressive filler while you are improvising.
Hi Raven, that pretty much is the description of the move, Egyptian style is hip down on the down beat, but that's just another variation of the move and once you're at full speed it hard to determine if the hip is going out first or down first. I also love this shimmy style and walking with it is easy once you get all the moving parts cooperating with each other;)
To really look dramatic you can sharply articulate each movement to coincides with each heavy "dum" you hewre in the music. Happy Dancing