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    Default Help for Wyoming

    I am a male interested in belly dance. My wife and I live in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. There are no classes available to us. I would like to know if anyone may have some advice for us on getting started. I know we're going to have to use DVD's for our leasons so what are the best for absolute beginners. Also, if someone in Wyoming sees this can yuo tell us where we might find some classes.

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    Hi Zardoz!

    This is actually cool that you are interested in belly dancing! I cant advice you anything about male belly dance DVDs- I think I have seen one on Amazon...

    As for me I dont have access to classes at the moment so I also learn from DVDs! I have quite a few but I would say most value for money, quality of instruction and REALLY easy explanation for beginners is Jenna's Basics and Beyond DVD.

    I bought it from her website Bellydance Basics and Beyond it has about 2 hours 20 min of instruction (average instructional DVD is 45min to 1 hour long). I use it for "polishing" the technique.

    Check out this thread(if you havent donbe it already) http://http://forum.orientaldancer.n...-you-have.html

    And good luck!

    Keep us up to date!

    Lots of love and hugs to you both,

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    Welcome, Zardoz. I am sending you an e-mail re: classes in Wyoming. I teach for the city parks and rec center about an hour west of you (that's a NOTHING commute in Wyoming- some folks make the trip twice a day!), there is also a private teacher in Casper, and there may also be a private teacher in Glenrock. You are welcome to send a PM to me if you have questions. Shanazel


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