Slovenia, 25.-30. September 2007


- Classical Egyptian style - Raks Sharki
- Beledi
- Drum solo
- Saiidi
- Egyptian pop
- Improvisations
- Dance combinations without choreography
- Master class for teachers

Katerina Sofrova - Shereen – extremely charismatic dancer with excellent technique and professional stage presence.

She gathered her dancing experiences in Prague, London, Egypt, Turkey and in Middle East. Among her teachers are Jade Henriksen, Khaled Mahmoud, Serena Ramzy, Lulu Sabongi...

She regularly appears in elite clubs in London, Istanbul and Dubai. With her dancing she even enchanted royal families from Brunei, State of Qatar, United Arabian Emirates and Saudi Arabia. She performed for Elton John and Natacha Atlas. She was working with Jillina from Bellydance Superstars and Aziza. As a specially invited guest she appeared on many known festivals all over the world.

Workshops will likely take place in Ljubljana and Nova Gorica. She will be teaching Classical Egyptian style-Raks Sharki, Beledi, Drum solo with the drummer, Saidi, Egyptian pop, Improvisation, Dance combinations without choreography, master class for teachers is also possible and by agreement also classes of Persian gulf dances.

All interested are most welcome to work with us or organize workshops at locations more accessible to you.

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