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    Thank you everyone!

    Zorba helped me tremendously.

    I had a "wimple" to cover my hair, but incredibly, no wax fell on either my teacher or myself. And I carried the shamadan into the restaurant and put it in the "changing" room.

    There were a lot of customers there and I was terrified. Not to mention, I had a virus of some sort and had vertigo for days.

    The owner, the bar tender and two customers complimented me, surprisingly. I was a bit dull at the time, but later on, when I was feeling better, I realized what those compliments meant to me. They didn't come from my teacher, classmates, or friends, these were other customers and owners of the restaurant and they know a lot more about shamadan than I do.

    I'm still on cloud nine! Can you tell?


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    Oh that's so exciting! I've only got to see a dancer dance with the shamadan 1.5 times but I really enjoyed it...

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