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i had done belly rolls by some fluke and now have not been able to do them since i have been trying.

i dont know if this is good because as of yet i have not seen results like i had hoped but i simply do a body undulation that emphasizes muscular control of the upper and lower abs so that i am building up my muscles so that hopefully i can eliminate the chest lift and pelvic tuck...eventually.

is this how you are supposed to practice the beginnings of a belly roll?
that (w/ the movement of the chest & pelvis) is "skeletal" movement.... eventually you want to take out the bones & JUST use the muscles... NO skeleton moving whatsoever!!!
I THINK I got good 'case I am LAZY!!!!
try this movement (the bellyroll!!) in BED (10 min a nite or morning)
it is quite easy laying down 'cause all the abdominal muscles are no longer used in "holding you up"... so they are relaxed & ready to ROOOOLLLLLL