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    Hey you guys, great thread!! I am gonna complie it and post it in our studio. We have few worshops comming up soon. As usual, dearest A'sha made some amazing points. I would like to add this based on my expereince with Randa's worshop I did last year. The Cds she brought from egypt, the sound system wouldn't read.

    1. Good to check if the sound and music is working ok.

    2. Good communication between the organiser and the presenter. Also last month when I was doing a Hula teachers workshop, there was a huge communication gap between the organisers and presenter. She came prepared to do something, the students and the organisers were expecting something else.

    3. I always demand the teacher explain the meaning of the lyrics, composers, singers, rhythms and anything special about the piece of the music he/she is teaching.

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    And if you doing movements where you're moving around it isn't necessary to run others over...

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