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    Default the most awful hip drops!

    hey everyone,

    I have only been belly dancing for a few months now and the moves are coming along pretty okay (I think) but my hip drops look awfull in my opinion and don't feel natural, do you guys have any tips or advice about them? Maybe you guys have some tricks that helped you out in the past...

    Thanks anyway!!

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    Hi there
    First of all relax and enjoy it.
    Oriental Dance is a beautiful form of dance that needs time and patient to come in our body.

    There are many different ways and versions for hip-drops.
    From various places of Egypt or versions that are connected with different dancers that made history.

    The first thing to check is your posture.
    Belly inside, butt tucked inside also, relaxed showlders, chest cages up-front, head proud.
    Are you there?
    The most common is the hand that is the same place from the hip we are moving to be framing the hip, the other hand can be at head, up or various positions.
    The most usual positions for the footsteps are 2
    The foot that holds the weight infront and the hip that moves at an angle to the other. (Lisa Laziza way of teaching it)
    or the foot that holds the weight infront and the hip that moves almost infront of the other foot (this way our thighs are a bit crossing each other) (Suha Azar way of teaching it).
    At this possition, lift your hip up, let it down, again and again, try to do it straight down.
    Watch your self in the mirror, check for open up legs, it should not happen its wierd.
    Hope I helped a bit (with my bad english lol)

    Maria Aya

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    I found keeping my knees soft, tailbone long helps.

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    Like Maria Aya said, there are many ways to do hip drops... Here is how I learned it, it nay be a little complicated at first...

    Note: this is a straight-to-down -drop, with no twist

    Stand in basic postition. Put your right leg a little forwad and try to keep your weight in the left foot. Now lift your right hip up and at the same time bend your left knee. Now release right hip and at the same time straigten your left knee. To protect your knee and make the drop sharper, stretch your left buttock just before your left knee is completely straight - you kinda try to stop the motion with your buttock muscles.


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