Hey everyone,

If you're interested check out:


for a troupe instructional dvd of a sword and candle choreography by the Isis Performing Company.

As everyone knows there are a lot of instructional dvds on the market today but I have not seen any instructional troupe dvds. What we are trying to do is create a line of instructional troupe dvds so that dancers can see and learn some of the best dance ideas that choreographers can come up with.

This is part of The Choreography Project for Middle Eastern Dance whose purpose is to promote troupes and their choreographers. We have sponsored annual competitions since 2005 and next year we hope to have troupes competing from outside the US.

With the rise of the BDSS and their acceptence internationally we see that there is chance that Bellydance can make it in mainstream markets all around the world. The role of the Choreography Project is to be a kind of a stepping stone for troupes to push and promote themselves. Each year the winning troupe gets an instructional dvd of their winning choreo that they own outright and can sell. In the 3 years of competition so far the level of choreography has gotten dramatically better and the troupes involved are using their participation to promote themselves to the general public.

So check it out!

Take care, Rick Fink