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    There are some good videos:
    ""Finger Cymbals with Ansuya" from IAMED
    "Zills!" with Z-Helene
    "How to Play Finger Cymbals" with Mesmera, from Saroyan

    Also, Uncle Mafufo has a video, as does Horacio Cifuentes and Fat Chance Bellydance. Joynan (Unicorn Bellydance Supply) has a cassette tape of rhythms, and Mary Ellen Donald's book and cd's are wonderful. If you can find a copy of Jamila Salimpour's cassette tape from the '70's, it is also very good.

    I think it's great that you want to play your zills, so many dancers don't anymore. If you are in Colorado, New Mexico, or Texas this fall, I am teaching my Zillfest 2006 workshops, with guest instructors Rafi'ah of Denver, and Z-Helene. If you want more info, it will be up on my new website sometime this week:
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