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    Default hmmm

    I think for me,its the music,can the dancer move well to the music,if she is completely immersed into both the music and the dance.
    and for her to be smooth and rythmic,with good technique.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria_Aya View Post
    Hi mates?
    Was wondering, we all have different styles, come from different places worldwide, with different personalities.
    So what "catch" are eye in a performance? and are there some common things in all of us?

    For me
    a) If the dancer carry soul in her dance.
    b) her style (adore arabic style) admiting that prefer a medium arabic dancer than a fab of other style.
    c) technics
    d) a desent nice fiting and flatering costume for the certain dancer
    e) the music selection !!!!

    maria aya

    For me:

    1. Smiles/eye contact.
    2. Passion (where you can see the dancer is dancing to the music not the count)
    3. Music (because if its terrible and you can at least enjoy the song - sorry had to be said)
    4. Color (something that compliments the dancer and the performance at once)
    5. Unexpected movements. Love it when you think you can predits the direction of the dancer and bam, just a surprise.

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    I am not yet knowledgable enough to analyze a dancer based on skill or technical things....

    ...I have to say that what draws me in is a sense of intrigue. I enjoy cheerful or relaxed performances, but I am truly drawn in when the dancer seems to say, "Come with me...there is something you don't know..."

    It makes me attentive - I want to know the secret the dancer is offering to share. I don't know how else to describe it, I DON'T mean erotic or sexually revealing...just intriguing.


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