Hi Everyone,

I have already posted this over in Shira's Yahoo group but I wanted to post it here also for those who may not be a member.

Leyla Najma will make a personal instructional video for you tailored
to exactly what you need to work on. I received a link for a free
hip combination and so I went over to her web site to check it out.
After watching the combination I decided to surf around the rest of
the site and came across the personal video offer. I filled out a
little questionaire telling her what level of dancer I was and also
what I was looking to achieve. About 30 minutes later she called me
on the phone and we talked in depth about everything.

It sounded really cool so I decided to try it. In about 4 days my
video was up and running on a site called Maxcast. For me the video
is great! I am shimmy and layering challenged so that is what mine
focuses on but she will make it to suit whatever your needs are. I
have been working with it for the past week and I love it. Leyla
also calls to see how you are making out and to see if you have any
questions about the lesson. She is extremely nice and very friendly
and really goes out of her way to help you with everything.

I am definitely going to continue working with her and because I was
so happy with this I thought I would pass it on. Here is a link to
her page if anyone is interested.
Belly Dance Instructional Video On Line